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6 Traits of People Who Are Unusually Competitive

It's one thing to be competitive, to watch sports and play games and have a desire to win. Then there is an entirely different category.

You are hungry for competition. You are the person who stands up at the game and yells at the quarterback. You play chess like the world will end if you lose. But does that mean you are really competitive enough for business? Some of us love sports and board games; others want to dominate the sales chart. Here's how to know the difference.

1. When other people achieve great success, it motivates you to work even harder

Even those who love sports or a good game of cards don't seem to mind when they see someone else winning. It's more about your team or your checkmate, less about what other people are doing to succeed. Yet, for those who want to excel at business, there's a different motivation. You see someone else raking in the cash with a task management app and you get a burning in your belly. You want to do the same.

2. When you get an idea, your first thought is to start a company

This one might be more of a curse than a blessing. Most people think of an idea and wonder if there's someone else who can turn it into a product or service. You want to be that person. You get frequent light bulb moments. More important, those with a serious competitive streak actually get the wheels turning. They find investors. They can't sleep at night because the idea is stirring like a pot of hot sauce. They make it happen.

3. The biggest thing that crushes you in daily life is losing

I've noticed there are two kinds of fans: those who watch for enjoyment and those who have skin in the game. When the Seahawks missed a golden opportunity to win the Super Bowl, it was disappointing to the average fan. (And possibly a cause of celebration for anyone who likes Tom Brady.) If you see something like that and just feel crushed, it might be because you are in the second category. You just can't stand losing. You take it personally. Starting a company means you have more of a say in the final outcome.

4. You see competition as a welcome challenge

There's a welcoming attitude that separates those who are mildly competitive with those who think about competition constantly. Picture the sales agent who does the job because it pays the bills and the one who thrives on the possibility of making a sale. The ones who thrive on sales are always in a rush; they welcome those opportunities like most people welcome a guest for dinner. They have an itch that must be scratched.

5. Failure motivates you to make specific changes

Here's an interesting one. Those with an unusual competitive streak tend to find specific ways to rebound from failure. They are better at strategizing how to make something work. When a setback comes, they don't just sit back and take it. They react. If you have a serious desire to compete, you will deal in the finer details to make sure you succeed. Those who give in to failure easily tend to be generalists. They accept their fate and roll over.

6. All of your friends are competitive

Want to know if you are competitive? Look around. If you are surrounded by people who are also building companies and establishing themselves in competitive markets, you might be someone who enjoys climbing to the top of the pyramid. Maybe you are polite about it, but you know deep down your main goal is to differentiate. You've chosen people with a similar mindset.



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