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6 Ways To Find Hidden (Unadvertised) Jobs

The most common way to search for a job is searching on the various online job boards. Some people may get lucky when they are called for an interview after applying to one of the positions online, but there are still others who never receive a reply. For those of you who are feeling disappointed and not getting any job, why not look for the hidden jobs in the market? What Is A Hidden Job Market? According to a survey, 80% of the job openings are not advertised. Many employers find the most suitable candidates for the jobs without even posting the job advertise online or in the newspapers. This is called a hidden job market. It is not like the job positions are top secret, or that the employers do not want the world to know about them. It is just that they want to avoid the hassle of conducting unnecessary interviews with incompetent applicants. Regardless, you would probably be missing out on some great job opportunities if you are using the conventional ways to look for a job, just like others. But Why Would A Job Be Hidden? Even if the jobs are not broadcasted to the public, it does not mean you cannot break into the hidden job market. As a matter of fact, the job positions are not really kept hidden! Those positions are meant to be filled by only those candidates who deserve them. Following are a few reasons why some jobs are kept hidden employers or recruiters:

  • A job that is reserved for a particular candidate with a particular set of skills, expertise and knowledge.

  • An existing position in the company that the employers have decided not to announce publically. The job position, however, is known to the other company employees, consultants, advisors, hiring manager and the past employees.

  • A job position which is not available at the moment, but the current employee plans to leave the job soon. In such a case, timing is very important as the new employee must be available at the right time. Current working employee may leave due to any number of reasons.

How To Find Unadvertised Jobs Finding an unadvertised position takes perseverance and a lot of creativity. It will need more than just the traditional networking means. You just have to think out of the box and use means that seems small but have great significance. Following are a few simple tips that would help you find jobs that are not advertised:

1. Google News Alert

It is important to stay up-to-date with the business world. Once you sign up with the Google News Alert, you will be the first to learn when any company signs a new partnership deal, leases additional space in office or if any firm receives funds, indicating that the company will soon start the hiring process. 2. Stay In Touch With The Potential Employers

Try your best to stay in touch with the potential employers or even your old employers. Staying in touch does not mean stalking them in any way. The basic idea is to let them know that you would be interested if any lucrative opportunity comes up. 3. Get Yourself Introduced

Smart employers like to meet people who can help them improve their revenue funnel. All you have to do is to find out more about the hiring manager, and call or email them to introduce yourself. Let them know how your skills and experience would benefit their company or firm. You can also use LinkedIn, and get yourself referred to the employers or hiring managers. 4. Join Groups Related To Industry & Job Hunting

It is better to start making some good contacts before you actually need them. Join different associations and clubs that help people get good jobs based on their expertise and qualifications. Such groups or clubs also assist with the preparation of cover letters, resumes, and interviews.

5. Attend Conferences & Career Fairs

Make up a list of the companies using internet or directories that you are interested to work with. Learn more about those companies and employers by attending career fairs and conferences. Get yourself involved in professional associations.

6. Keep Your Ears Open At Work

There may be great positions available in a different department of your company, so it is best to keep an eye on the in-house opportunities. Always remember that preference is always given to the internal candidates over the outside applicants. Apart from everything, you need to be open about your job search. Keep your network strong, so you would know about any job position even before it gets advertised. Talk to people, and let everyone know what kind of a job you are looking for. You never know who might get you a brilliant job opportunity. Source: read://


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