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Avoid These 5 Career Damaging Mistakes

If you are just starting your career, you are at your most vulnerable time! If you navigate the professional world incorrectly, the lack of experience you have can hinder your potential career trajectory. Now what do I mean by that? The things you do in the beginning of your career will impact your work life. It might make your life easier, giving you more time to advance in your career. It might make your life harder, making you waste valuable time. Here are some mistakes that you can do that are easily preventable when looking at the long-term:

Mistake 1: If you don’t like your job, then quit

This is a big myth because doing this can cost you more time and effort trying to find some other introductory job in the market place. Even if you hate your job, there are things that you can do to maximize your time there. Give the job some time so that you can develop skills in dealing with people and/or give you experience in doing one kind of thing. Even getting a secretary job can help give you experience in managing products that your boss doesn’t want to do. Only after making a plan for quitting should you go ahead and leave your job.

Mistake 2: Rush into the first job you get

Doing this can result in a lot of unhappiness. It can also be paired up with the first mistake since rushing into your first job might make you want to quit right then and there. Always try to research the company and the company culture to see if you fit in with the people and how they work. You can only do your best work in the right environment. And when that environment isn’t right, you’ll just be unhappy while working.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the natural pecking order and thinking you know everything

When you ignore the natural pecking order, people start to respect you less. When starting a career anywhere, thinking that you are as good as your manager right from the get go can lead to resentment from almost everyone. If your managers sense that you are ignoring their authority, your career will become more complicated and messy than it needs to be. They might start making things harder for you than it needs to be. It’s always better to assume you know nothing than to think you know everything. It leads to less conflict and you gaining more and more knowledge about your job and company.

Mistake 4: Competition

When starting a new career, you might be tempted to compete with your coworkers to try and show that you are more than capable of being promoted. However, this will only lead to more problems than it could help. In certain environments, such as sales, competition can be something that drives people to excel. In the long run, it only makes people burn out. Cooperating and helping your coworkers is the best way to go. Not only will you be creating a better environment to work in, people will see that you care for them and that you are their friend, not their enemy.

Mistake 5: Not asking for feedback before a review

This is one of those that will almost surely help your career. When working at a job, you can always zone in to your own space and say that you are working better than everyone else. The time comes for a performance review and you find out from your boss that you were actually doing below average work compared to your peers and that you need to step up your game before you get fired. Scenarios like this may happen once in a while during your career. It’s easy and a lot safer to ask for feedback before you get a performance review from your boss so that you can correct and change accordingly to their feedback. By doing so, your boss will see you as a hard worker trying to help the company is the best way possible while you are picking up your work and showing that you actually are pretty good.

There are a lot more career mistakes that one can make but you’ve just read a few. Knowing most of these career mistakes will put you on the path to likely success and a lot less wasted time and effort in correcting those mistakes. We only have so much time to live! One of the biggest ways to avoid these career mistakes is to have a mentor help you through your career process.

  1. A mentor will be able to teach you the ins and outs of your job while also giving you advice on things related to your career.

  2. They’ll be able to tell you things that you should do, and things that you shouldn’t do.

  3. If you haven’t started looking for a career path, ProSky has many different courses for you that include their own mentors that you can communicate with so you can have individual help whenever you want! Just click here to sign up for a project course and our mentors will show you the ropes of how to start your first career!

Remember, take this information to heart and make less mistakes when you’re in the job force!



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