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Career has reached a deadlock! Let’s overcome the crisis

Tired of work, colleagues’ words and even the most innocent jokes affect your nerves, and waking up in the morning and getting to work is like Dante’s 5th Circle, be sure that you are in a deadlock.

What is a career deadlock?

Career development cannot proceed without difficulties. In fact, this is normal and can happen everywhere.

Varduhi had just graduated from university and had moved to a job in the news agency. She was young, had great ambitions and was ready to work day and night, taking on difficult tasks, staying up late to finish them. Varduhi wanted to become a leading journalist. At first she was praised, then overwork became normal․ There was no word about career growth, extra pay or other benefits. Varduhi became more nervous, began to harass colleagues and discuss chefs’ decisions. Little by little Varduhi noticed that she was getting tired of thinking about work, that she was no longer enthusiastic about work. And she hates Mondays.

Karen was the PR Officer at one of the major mining companies․ His job was to create a positive outlook for the mine. He was able to halt any eco campaign by protecting the loyalty of the people to the mine. After some time, seeing the environmental pollution caused by the mine, Karen remembered that during his student years he did not miss the opportunity to defend justice. He understood that all his activities were contrary to his system of values.

Did you notice anything familiar? Do you feel the same way as Varduhi and Karen?

How do you know you’re in a career deadlock?

Career is in a deadlock when you do not know how to move forward, when you are not satisfied with your job. Tiredness and overload often make us feel that way. It is very important to understand if you are tired or really deadlocked.

Take a few day-offs, relax from work When you return from vacation, it will be clear whether it was overworked or in crisis.

5 questions about a career deadlock

These questions will help you determine if you are deadlocked. They will help you understand your feelings about work.

  1. Does this work interesting for me or I don’t know anything else?

  2. Am I interested in doing ongoing assignments, solving work tasks?

  3. What news have I learned about my work in the last month or year?

  4. Am I interested in studying and deepening this profession?

  5. Do I want to continue working in this profession?

The answers will provide guidance.

Two ways out of a career deadlock

Road 1․

It may turn out that you love your profession, but your current workplace does not allow growth; there is a chance for development to require specialization restrictions. In this case you should be prepared to change a job; study job announcements, learn about other organizations. Understand what new qualifications you can get to help you achieve your dream job, attend professional trainings.

Road 2․

After answering the questions, you may find that you simply do not like your profession. Do not be afraid. Unfortunately, in our society, it is common to ignore the issue of professional orientation. We choose a profession at a very young age when we have no complete understanding of us, our profession or the world. We are guided by the advice of parents, friends, the profession that is fashionable, and at age 30, we realize that we are wrong. Here comes the other stereotype. What will people say if I quit my job and try myself in a new field? How can I change my profession? I am old and have missed a lot! Put aside another’s opinion; they don’t live your life, can’t understand your emotions. Focus, take a deep breath, and take the first step to improving your life. Identify the areas you are passionate about, find out what you love to do. Then try talking to industry professionals, taking part in amateur training first, and when you find out you’re on the right track, deepen them. You can succeed when you are really ready for change. Career deadlock is an alert that something needs to change. Take the opportunity to change your life and make it better. Discover yourself and your talents.


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