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How to Become a C-Level Executive

Most ambitious professionals often reach a point of advancing their career goals, and the popular choices are often between becoming a business owner, consultant, or C-level executive of an established company. C – Level executives earn around 300% more than an average employee. With an average of 571 stock exchange listed companies in 73 countries, according to the World Bank in 2016 (and more than 390 companies in SA paying a base salary of over R3 500 000) becoming a C-Level executive is surely a career option worth pursuit.

Here are some tips on how to become a C-level executive; Have a plan, know for certain that you want to be an executive, then map out your career path, but remember this path needs to grow and change for you to become the person you intend to be.

Get the right qualifications; to become a C-Level executive, your qualifications are important. Often executives have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their respective fields but, an MBA is always advantageous.

Do the time, get the relevant work experience behind you. In the process become a great employee, manager, and leader. Importantly, seek to understand people and how to work and inspire them and soon your colleagues will trust and respect you.

Brand yourself, for an executive, personal branding is essential. Executives are often individuals who understand the power of a good personal brand and the advantage of standing out from the rest. They often have great documents representing them (Curriculum Vitae / Resume / Portfolios) and if you search for them on the net they often appear first, and their LinkedIn profiles are well maintained.

Get a great reputation (an IT factor), in most cases, C-Level executives are chosen within the company structures, so it is important to acquire a great reputation amongst your colleagues because they will help you to reach the top. Most executives are known for being honest, thoughtful and caring, courageous, straightforward, hardworking, innovative, and being great leaders.

Constantly evolve with emerging technology, the business landscape is always changing and as a C-level executive, you need to be aware of the changes so as to better lead the company in the right direction, so remember to always learn new things because, for an executive, knowledge is constantly accumulated.

Take care of your health, good health contributes towards a positive mental attitude and clear thinking. Without great health, an executive is as good as useless.

Be patient and positive, get in touch with executive placement recruiters, and let them know of your availability. This may take a while, but remember great things come to those who wait patiently, prepared, and intentionally.

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