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Leadership: Learning To Ride The Roller Coaster

As humans, we are constantly seeking to fulfill the need to belong. Personally, I am an introvert trying to find my true purpose and belong, not just fit in.

A friend recommended the book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, and I couldn’t agree more on the idea that we become stronger together, and that coming together is still possible in the divided world we live in today. We are just as connected as we are isolated from each other.

I believed my success was due to being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. I’ve heard many people talk about digital transformation and how it’s not just technology but, more than ever, about people and culture. This is why finding your purpose is crucial for teams to thrive, and as leaders, we must foster their success.

Taking The First Steps Toward Collaboration

As a leader, it can be lonely when we challenge the norm, and perseverance is key to success. There are three questions I learned to ask as I embarked on my journey, which fellow leaders can also ask themselves:

1. Connect with yourself, and understand your “why.” What you are passionate about, and how can you articulate the shift and impact of the change you want to make?

2. Connect with stakeholders, and understand their “why.” What gets your stakeholders excited, and how can you align those priorities across the organization?

3. Connect with your team, and understand their “why.” What drives your team, and how can you keep them motivated and energized, irrespective of the changes in the environment around them?

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