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Tips for a successful job search

Job searching can be worrisome. Whereas the process can be complicated for those already in the employment field, it is especially hard for those who have just graduated. One important thing to understand however, job is searching isn't just about applying for jobs and hoping to get shortlisted for an interview. The career world is competitive nowadays, that’s why one needs a clear strategy in order to land a job. Finding a job in today's competitive and network-driven job market requires more than being persistent and a positive mind-set. Here are some factors to consider;

What are your career goals? Think of what you want to do as far as your career is concerned. Decide your way of approach, that is, how you are going to be able to do it. This helps you to have an angle of focus.

Plan ahead While planning, try to anticipate all the requirements for a successful job search. Is it the cover letter? Resume? Get them set and ready, this allows you to carefully consider your choices. Use all job search resources. Go to networking events, with these, there are many potential employers and people with connections to potential employers, says Geoffrey Kabagambe, a law student and consultant. Kabagambe goes on to say that once you are at such events, you want to put your talent on display, be it in assignments given, coming up with solutions to problems, among others. What you want to do is be your best at aspects such as personal presentations as well as teamwork, that's how you get noticed and people start to ask questions. He also advises to be keen on getting engaged in community service. You learn a lot from there and make very important connections as well, he says. Sharing his personal experience, Kabagambe says it’s important to not be shy, “my mentor took me to events where there were very important people. Every time we went, he said ‘Don’t be shy, chat with people, learn from them and offer insight where necessary.’ And to a great extent, it helped because I did learn and made good connections and friendships.”

Make research Depending on your career goals, research relevant companies, send in your resume and cover letter, don’t cease! Apply to as many as possible, who knows. Also, you might not get a job offer but an internship; take it if you see it fit. There, you will learn and grow your way up.

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