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Top 10 Ways to Advertise Job Openings

They fill the space and then leave it all behind—employees do this all the time. According to SHRM, the number of U.S. workers who quit jobs is becoming steeper compared to previous years’ records. Since it is a growing industry, the increasing options in the market make you easily replaceable as an employer. However, you can always find good talents to fill in your job vacancies, even with better ones. So, how do you find the right professionals? You need tough HR planning. Thus, this article will tackle one of the most useful recruitment and hiring tips—the advertising of job openings.

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Ways to Advertise Job Openings When you hear the word advertising, billboards and televisions quickly come to mind. However, they don’t have to be that expensive. Some traditional ways still give impressive outcomes. Additionally, technology also lets you advertise with low hiring costs. With all those said, here is a checklist of the top 10 ways to advertise job openings.

  • Local Newspapers

When you post job openings in your local newspapers, you also target local job candidates. You then get a higher possibility of retaining local employees because it’s more convenient for them to work near their families and homes. To catch proper attention from readers, choose the right ad size. Also, make it look professional to gain their trust and interests.

  • Use Job Advertising Websites/Online Job Sites

With the age of smartphones and the internet, professionals can easily create and pass resumes digitally through job boards and job search engines. And, these digital platforms make the lives of HR professionals easier. The best search engine sites have tools that allow the searchers to find jobs that fit their skills and credentials. These features will enable you to catch more potential applicants that match the standards you require. Post a clear job summary, applicant qualifications, and attractive perks and benefits. You will most likely entice the best-qualified candidates to pass their resumes to you.

  • Try Organic and Paid Social Media

Job postings on social media pages are reachable to a broad target audience and are free of charges. Millennials nowadays smoothly go to Facebook pages or groups to find job openings. All you have to do as an employer is to post enticing job offers on these Facebook walls to catch their attention. On the other hand, paid social media advertising lets you choose a target range and location. Then, your advertisements pop up on your targets’ screens while scrolling on their social media accounts. This kind of feature puts you one step ahead of your competitors. Nevertheless, social media advertising, in general, is a savvy way to attract candidates because of its billion users worldwide.

  • Use Your Company Website/Newsletter

Your company website already has traffic from your customers and employees. Once caught sight of, your job openings then easily get referred to their connections—especially when your enterprise has thus far gained these people’s trust. However, sending newsletters to your business connections and workforce get your advertisements directly noticed.

  • Ask for Employee Referrals

Referred candidates are faster to hire because they already have an idea of what the work environment and operations are in the company. Moreover, successful hires also become more engaged because of their existing connections inside the enterprise. Orient your workforce about employee referral programs during onboarding and company meetings. Offer recognition, cash incentives, and exciting perks to workers with every successful referral. These are ways to encourage and inspire your employees to tap their networks.

  • Partner Up with Universities/Colleges

Universities and colleges have the same goal—to provide flexible career pathways to their students. This gives a lot of partnership options to employers. When you successfully partner with these institutions, plan job fairs or examinations inside schools. You rapidly get new hires—especially their top students.

  • Participate in Online Discussions

Participating in forums is a conducive way to identify potential talents for your business. You will spot expert professionals by observing how well they converse about their fields. Also, consider setting up your own forum to attract competent candidates.

  • Attend Fairs and Events

Attending specific career seminars and conferences makes you spot experts in particular fields. When you look for an IT professional to occupy a vacant position, attend technology seminars. You can either tap the audience directly or make use of their connections.

  • Use Blogs

Bloggers already have their own set of loyal audiences. Offer them partnerships to be able to tap their connections too! Attract these influencers by offering incentives to every recruit. However, don’t sound bossy or bribing. Be enticing instead. On top of those, be engaging in their posts and familiar with their contents. Having favorable relationships with these bloggers go a long way.

  • By Consultants

These consultants offer assistance and advice to employees in terms of well-being, workplace, and personal issues. Look for employee assistance offices in your area. They have clients who need a better workplace and environment. Yours can be easily recommended! Develop good professional relationships with consultants. Show how well you treat employees to earn their respect and favor. You will get a line of interested applicants imminently.

  • Revisit Rejections

Sometimes, we later realize that those we rejected are actually the ones worth keeping. On a lighter note, you still have these applicants’ contact details and they could still be in your candidate database. Send them newsletters about the job opening or give them a call. It has a lot of advantages when you hire these runner-ups. They have been oriented with the job description. Plus, you have already assessed them before. It’s hard for a business to run when there’s a disabled role. Faulty operations and slow hiring progress are also costly. Moreover, internal job postings are sometimes not enough to get workers who fit the job description. To get your job vacancies timely occupied, tap on the advertising ways. These effective traditional and digital ways save your company time, effort, and money. Furthermore, the list featured above makes sure that you can always handle future employee turnovers gracefully. And your company’s productivity and progress never stop.



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