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We know more and more about digitization and understand people less and less!

Most of us are similarly educated or professionally socialized. This means that we think serially, in specialist specializations and functional structures – that is, in "departments". This means that we are used to seeing and completing only a partial task of value creation. However, digitalization always means thinking in a networked way, along the entire value creation. Companies achieve this networking not only with new software, but only with interested committed people in their ranks. Every company strives to ensure smooth and effective processes, to ensure that employees are satisfied and committed. But the operational burden is high and the "hamster wheel" and the many "fire extinguishing projects" leave little time for smart leadership and new added value.

Lack of enthusiasm costs the German economy €270 billion* As a rule, many companies do not realize early on that there is a problem with internal networking, processes or their culture. Especially for the management, it is difficult to see that the problem is structural. As a rule, employees notice it much faster when the ideal values and processes or the exchange no longer correspond to reality. This poses a massive risk to the company's success and costs a large German company an average of €7 million/anno.*

A smart system relies on the "human factor" and strengthens companies - Dr. Daniel Nummer, CEO PREDICTA| ME GmbH A company is not only a machine in which cogs rotate, a company is also a social system, which with its characteristics and dynamics must also be viewed and managed systemically. Success is only achieved through optimal coordination between people, tasks, leadership and environment. The goal is to synchronize these elements, because a profitable clock generates massive positive effects in terms of commitment, productivity, satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

The PREDICT| SUITE© makes you pioneers of implementation power and corporate culture. This system measures the "pulse" of the organization and optimizes its beat and exchange. You personally, access your own organizational strategist at any time and thus manage the implementation.



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